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Studio Policy




All tattoos are done by appointment only. However, we do our best to accommodate walk-ins. Please call ahead to check for availability. Small, straight-forward designs are most suitable for walk-ins. You must schedule an appointment for larger, more detailed designs.


You are always welcome to come check out our studio. If you would like to speak to an artist, please call to schedule a consultation. Popping in to talk to a specific artist is not ideal.



Appointments are not made without a deposit. Deposits are not refundable and not transferable  (a deposit cannot be reallocated to a different artist or given to another person of your choosing).  Less than 24 hours notice of rescheduling will result in the loss of your deposit.  Canceling an appointment will also result in the loss of your deposit. We explain this further below.

The purpose of requiring a deposit is to ensure that you (the client) will arrive to your appointment on time and have provided proper information to make preparation prior to your appointment time possible.  The deposit does not mean that you will receive artwork prior to your appointment unless you specifically call the studio to schedule a "drawing check appointment".  Artists DO NOT email artwork. We are happy to provide a mock-up/line drawing in person by appointment if requested with ample notice. 


**Please familiarize yourself with your individual artist's deposit cancelation/rescheduling policies. Rescheduling two or more times may result in a loss of your deposit, even if 24 hours notice is given. **

The studio minimum is $80. $170 per hour. All prices are based on time, and we do not guess and charge as such. If it takes 30 minutes, the cost will reflect accordingly--$85 plus tax. 90 minutes, $255--etc. We are efficient. Your time is as valuable as ours. Having said this, if you arrive at an appointment and have made significant changes to the design requiring augmentation, we reserve the right to reschedule this appointment, keep the deposit and require another deposit. We also reserve the right to reschedule your appointment and require an additional deposit if we receive design description/references too close to the appointment time. 


**Please do not wait until the evening prior to your appointment day or the same morning to send us what we need.  This does not allow us time to prepare for you. 


We schedule appointments so we may be better prepared for you and give you a custom design. We do our preparations outside of our workdays to allow for more tattoo time while we are here so you may get tattooed sooner. If you cancel with little notice, then we cannot fill that space. This is why we keep deposits. We spent time preparing for you and set aside sought after time during our workday that is now a loss. If you are sunburned or sick, please know that you will need to reschedule. We know emergencies arise and we do our best to be understanding. 


If you are unsure of what you want, we advise postponing consultations until you are certain. The idea you have may determine who the best artist is for you and scheduling prior to knowing could make things complicated. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible for all involved. We understand that sometimes people want to come in and see what we think but it is your body and ultimately, your decision.  We will gladly advise on size, placement, and composition, but not on the subject matter or focal point itself.


A minimum deposit of $80 is required for appointments of two hours or less.  Appointments of three hours or more require a $170 deposit. Artists offer full-day flat rates, please inquire about this with your chosen artist.  A full-day is eight hours or more for one single session. A deposit of $250 is required to schedule full-day sessions.



Deposits are active for 12 weeks. Deposits will expire 12 weeks after the original date of drawing check or tattoo appointment, whichever is first.

Deposits exceeding required deposit amounts are NOT to be put on customer profiles. You must put the extra money for your account on a gift card. Our gift cards have a 1-year expiration date from the date of purchase.


A deposit is required for drawing checks.  After the free consultation, we can schedule a time for you to come in and view the design outline prior to your tattoo appointment.  If multiple drawing checks are required to accommodate design augmentation, a $50 fee will be charged for each drawing check appointment.


Price estimates are not provided over the phone. Our receptionists can give an idea of how long a design may take in person.  Keep in mind that if the design is vague and just an idea without imagery, the guesstimation can vary by artist since we all have different styles.  A straightforward design, i.e. symbol or lettering, will be the same amount of time for each of us.



Your first consult is free. This is a designated time to come in and speak with your artist of choice about the design, placement, size, and price estimation of your tattoo. Please have an idea of what you want. You do not necessarily need photo references of examples, although we do welcome them. An idea is sufficient. Tell us what you are envisioning and we will put it together for you.


Cover ups

You don’t have to get a rose or a panther.  This doesn’t mean that lettering or designs with open areas can work on top.  Tattoos can only be covered or disguised by darker tones. A white snowflake will not cover tribal.  The tattoo in question needs to be seen before the cover-up design can be finalized.


If you have an appointment for a tattoo and do not inform us that it is to be covering something, we will retain your deposit and reschedule you for a different day.


We can assist you in making a cover-up idea work but we will not and cannot choose the content for your cover-up.  YOU MUST come to us with an idea of what you would like to cover your tattoo with.


Cover-ups have to be at least three times the size of the original tattoo.  It is best to have the new design hide the original design in its background and placing a new focal point away from what is getting covered.  Deep tones and background imagery with a textured design are ideal for covering while distracting the eye with an offset focal point.


If you have a tattoo that you are unsatisfied with and have no idea what to get, unfortunately, we cannot be of much help to you.  Chances are you don’t really want to be tattooed and just want what you have to be gone. If this is the case, we can refer you to a reputable tattoo removal location.


No one wants to have a tattoo that they aren’t thrilled about and you certainly don’t want to get a cover-up of a cover-up.  Going with "whatever would work" isn't always the best plan. Give your coverup the amount of thought that first piece may have needed. Help us make sure inception tattoos aren't in your future.


Touch ups

Touching up a tattoo that we have done is free within 8 weeks of your first appointment by the original artist.


Exclusions--hands, feet, face, and neck. We charge a higher minimum for these aforementioned areas because we expect a necessary touch up. This higher rate includes the touch up and costs less in the end.  You may forego this touch up included rate, but we will charge a fee if/when it needs touching up.


If fading or loss of pigment is due to your negligence, then we will incur a fee for fixing.  Thick scabs are a prime example of negligence. A thin sunburn-like peeling should occur, scabs should not.  Scabs form because the area is not being washed and conditioned regularly. Washing and moisturizing needs to be performed BEFORE it gets dry, not after.  Be proactive! It’s a wound, treat it as such. Not treating it properly can open you up to infection- it will stay an open wound longer, which will prolong the formation of new skin cells which are your barrier against the dirty world around you.  Besides, no one wants to sit through a tattoo twice.


Touch-ups will require a deposit and will be the minimum studio cost if outside of the 8 week window. If a touch-up is canceled within short notice (less than 24 hours prior to app’t time) and/or rescheduled 2 times, even within the 8 week window, a studio minimum cost will be needed with a deposit.


Reward System

If someone referred you to us, please let us know so we can properly thank them in the form of credits! Please know the person's first and last name. Also, when you refer someone be sure they drop your name when they come in! For every person you refer that receives a service, you will receive a ten dollar credit to your account. The credits are non-transferable, cannot be used as a deposit, applied as a tip, nor redeemed as cash.   

Body Jewelry/ Piercing Services

Prices do not include tax.

All prices include basic jewelry. 

Tragus- $50

Cartilage- $50

Rook- $55

Conch- $55

Anti-tragus- $55

Daith- $65

Forward helix- $60, $110

for 2, $140 for 3 

Regular earlobe- $40,$65 for 2                  

Industrial- $80



Nostril- $50 

Septum- $75

Tongue- $65
Tongue web- $75

Bridge- $75

Eyebrow- $50

Smiley- $80

Monroe/Medusa- $70

Lip- $50


Navel- $50

Microdermals- $95

  -$65 for each additional

Nipple- $55
  -$100 for two

Surface bar- $100


We do not accept/issue returns, refunds, or exchanges on body jewelry.


We are available for assistance with switching out jewelry pieces and proper cleaning techniques.

(service fee applies)


Age Requirements & proper Documentation

14+ with guardian present for navel, ear, and nostril piercings.

16+ with guardian for all other facial piercing.

State issued Photo ID required for all services.

If under 18, must be accompanied by a legal guardian with State issued Photo ID, Birth Certificate, and Piercee  Photo ID (school ID, passport, etc.). 

18+ for genital, nipples, tongue.

Reward System
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